the Dice, a new approach to discover our savoir faire

Discover the technique through the object

The Meynier factory masters many production techniques. They are adapted for the realization of parts for various sectors. Historically manufacturer of buttons and buckles in France, the Meynier factory meets the demands of perfumery, cosmetics or jewelry.

How then to highlight our techniques without suggesting a product but the associated know-how?

We have decided to create an object gathering the essential of our know-how made in France which can be adapted to button making, packaging, perfumery, jewelry…

Made in our workshops, each side embodies several techniques used for fashion accessories, packaging or any other project.
The cube is made of black polyester cast in our workshops from liquid resin, the different housings and the surfacing are made in Digital Control. The cube is hand polished to give a shiny finish, its support is modeled and printed in 3D.

Sides of Savoir-faire

Meynier logo

Double material side

This first side features a laser engraving of the company’s logo on a plate composed of two triangles, one in locally sourced boxwood (Jura) and the other in galalith. This is a natural material derived from milk.

découper laser

Checkerboard side

This side features a laser-cut pattern in a sheet of Nacrem, an imitation mother-of-pearl polyester material made in our workshops, which is then degreased, washed and sanded to give a matte finish, before being glued into its housing.

Photo Meynier

The Founder side

A photo of Alfred Meynier, founder of the company, is printed on a polyester plate, cut out by numerical control, then glued to the bottom of the housing and covered with transparent resin.

Résine Meynier

Snowflake side

This side features a snowflake pattern. The housings are digitally engraved, in which we have included colored resin with a syringe.

strass Meynier

Strass side

On this side, five strasses are glued in previously dug housings. They are then covered with transparent resin mixed with silver glitter.

boutons meynier

Buttons side

The last side shows a selection of small buttons, made and dyed in-house, enclosed in transparent resin. It is a reminder of our historical activity as button makers.

Apart from the printing of the photo, all operations from the production of the material to the final assembly and polishing, including the 3D prototyping, were carried out in our factory

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